Tuesday, March 25, 2014

You are a Survivor!

We are hearing so much about survivorship in cancer.  You have just been diagnosed and can't "get your head around the word cancer"…That has to mean you won’t have a long life, your kids and grand-kids will be here without you!

WAIT!!  One hurdle at a time. You are a Breast Cancer Survivor from the minute of diagnosis through the rest of your life. This word Survivor also includes all those close to you as they are also impacted by this new diagnosis.

This is new and  "uncharted" territory in your life and you do not have to go "it" alone. We are all here to help.

Our goal is that you function at the highest level possible while having cancer treatments and after!

Please check out the PinnacleHealth STAR Program. This is a Training and Rehabilitation Program whose goal is to minimize any side effects of treatment or surgery you are having and to give you the best quality of life possible.

I love the name because you are the STAR and you are beginning a life dedicated to better living and good health.

You are supported by a team of certified STAR Clinicians and Providers that specialize in cancer rehabilitation. Each team member will provide you with the expertise, guidance and training you need.  You will learn how to set new goals for exercise, nutrition and sleep as well as guidance on the best ways to treat or improve any symptoms you are having related to your cancer treatment.

You can call for more information about the program and insurance coverage at 717-214-STAR(7827), or contact your nurse navigator for more information.

Remember you are a STAR and you deserve the best!

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