Thursday, December 12, 2013

Oh No! It is December.. the month of numerous activities, family events and holiday celebrations.

For a  Cancer patient this month can be a time of reflection,  changing  or finding a new "normal".  It can also be very stressful and if you are in active treatment very tiring.  There may also be depression and anxiety about your future health.

It is hard to "let go" of things you have always done in the past and just may not be able to do this year.

Remember: Taking Care of Yourself is the most important item on this year’s  Holiday " to do" list. 

Consider asking family members or friends for help with shopping, food preparation, cleaning or child care. Your family members or friends may be at a loss of how to help you and you may need to sit down and make a list.  And after you make this list ASSIGN Duties! 

Cancer-related fatigue is a common and distressing side effect of having cancer and can be fairly severe in patients going through treatment. It often occurs with  sleep disturbance, emotional distress, such as depression and anxiety, and pain. 

There are many well established studies that support  increased physical activity and exercise as an intervention to help cancer related fatigued.  

Exercise rather than rest to help fatigue??    Really??    

Yes, really. 

An exercise program twice weekly that has a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training can help improve your fatigue, increase your energy, improve sleep and decrease feelings of depression.  You can also improve your endurance and flexibility.  

Think about it as a New You for the New Year.  

Check out some programs at the YMCA, Gold’s Gym or a program closer to your home.

If you have other health issues that you think need addressed prior to starting an exercise program please consult you Primary Care Provider to discuss a plan.     

You can overcome the fatigue related to cancer!